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Stop Erosion of Your Land

Erosion Ground Control wants to help save your valuable top soil from erosion. We are one of the premier full service erosion control companies in Central Texas, and we have a proven process that protects your soil and keeps you compliant with TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) mandates.

Hydro Mulching is a grass planting process similar to “Hydro Seeding”, but it does much more. Hydro Mulching uses a special blend of ingredients such as wood, hay, and paper based mulch, instead of just water alone.

Our unique process includes mixing mulch, seed, and fertilizer with water in our professional hydro-mulching tank. Once the mix is right, the material is pumped through a high pressure hose and sprayed in even blankets across your ground.

Protecting your land not only benefits you today, it also benefits the generations to come. Erosion Ground Control uses breakthrough technology and on-site expertise to deliver superior erosion control. Our process promotes faster and denser vegetation establishment.

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